My daily routine to rock the day

In a perfect world, when I get up in the morning, here is my daily routine.

I start drinking a glass of a fresh low mineralised water that I steal to my son

Then I drink another one with half a lemon squizzed in it.

Then I head to the bathroom where I massage my whole body starting by my feet to head with a natural fibers exfoliating glove. You really should try it, because it helps you feel great and get rid of that foggy feeling you may have in the morning especially after a short nigh when you struggle keeping your eyes opened. I’m sure you know what I mean.

After that I put on my socks, my super bra, a t-shirt and leggings, pull on my sneakers, and get out for 5 to 10 mins of jump rope workout.

My war equipment for my morning exercise routine

My war equipment for my morning exercise routine

Then I get back in, completely awake and fresh to have a breakfast (green tea, a fruit and some organic cereals with coconut milk), and then I head to the shower and start getting ready for work.

At lunch when the weather is nice, I go for a walk to take some fresh air and my daily amount of D vitamin.

In the evening when I get back home I run for 20 to 40 minutes, depending on how busy I am.

Now, I just wish I could apply this every single day, truth is  I am most of the time too tired/ late / or lazy to do it all (particularly the morning routine). Though I’ve noticed that every time I manage to do it all, I spend awesome days.

And you, what’s your routine ? Pleaaase share with me !

Edit: Lately I’ve been really tired so I started taking Nigelle oil (Black seeds) oil, on the advice of a dear friend. A coffee spoon in the morning. Doesn’t taste so good but if it can boost my immune system, I’m willing to give it a try !

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2 Responses to My daily routine to rock the day

  1. amber says:

    WOW. Good for you! This routine sounds like a super energy routine. I love it, and am totally taking a few pointers.

    My routine right now… Drink tea in the morning and take photos of the kids as the play, haha. I don’t usually eat until 10:30am. Might start this early morning jumpstart thing!


    • bimbadaboom says:

      Hi Amber! the jump rope is awesome! it’s really a boost. sometimes I do it for less than 5 mins if I’m motivated but really in a hurry…I can’t tell precisely what it does for my body but I feel great afterwards, so I really try to keep up with it ! let me know your impressions if you try !


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